We are proud to be known as the nation’s leading supplier of mycorrhizae fungi.

Who we are?

New Age Farming LLC is a company based in North Dakota that specializes in Mycorrhizal Fungi. We have been working with farmers and universities on the research and development of Mycorrhizal Fungi for many years. We are the experts and lead the "field" in helping farmers to healthier soil and a more sustainable future. Click the learn more button below to see what Mycorrhizal Fungi is and what it can do for your farm.

New for 2020



Myco-Maxx is new for 2020. The product arrived mid March to ensure freshness and viability for this springs planting. This product was formulated right here at New Age Farming LLC and contains 8 different species of endo mycorrhizal fungi that are specific to the crops we grow in North America. There is not another product with this high of spore count and diversity of species. This product will eliminate the need for side dressing and y-dropping.

How We Can Help You

Soil Health and Farm Sustainability is our mission, Mycorrhizal Fungi is a big component for both, so no matter what you grow on your farm we have a product to fit your needs.